“When we decided to move to Franklin from South Florida we were referred to Gabrielle via a South Florida agent. She spent tireless hours helping us find the right rental home and then a year later a permanent home in The Enclave at Carronbridge. Gabrielle has amazing follow-up, persistence, professionalism, market knowledge and was a great resource for home service vendors. She thinks of everything, which takes the stress out of buying a home. We also referred Gabrielle to our good friends Brian and Traci Wallin, who recently bought a great home with their five kids in Kings Chapel. We would highly recommend Gabrielle to help you find your happy home!!”

“Having used Gabrielle for numerous transactions as both a buyer and seller, I can confidently recommend her to be your next agent. Her wealth of industry experience, considerable local real estate knowledge, high level of personal service, and tireless work ethic make her one of the best!”

“Gabrielle does an excellent job representing our needs as a seller. She is attentive to detail, responsive to our questions and suggestions and has a thorough knowledge of the current real estate market.”

“We have known Gabrielle since 2010 after moving our family to Brentwood. While Gabrielle didn’t help us with the initial move that introduced us, she has been and will be the ONLY Real Estate Agent we will ever use. Over the last 8 years Gabrielle has helped us in so many ways with so many different properties. We knew she truly had our best interest at heart when she did so much to help us on deals that she didn’t even receive any commissions on. She ALWAYS uses her knowledge, experience and passion for making things happen to help us make the best decisions on every home we look at. Gabrielle has so many great qualities I could not list them all, but the one that stands out the most is her incredible patience she has when handling all of my questions and demands. I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with but Gabrielle always spends as much time as needed to explain everything to us down to the smallest detail. She listens and then truly fights as hard as possible for everything we want. I have 100% confidence in her guidance and advice and hate to think of the possibility of buying or selling any real estate without her at the helm! Nicole and I would love to take this opportunity to thank Gabrielle for all her help and for what she means to us both!”

“2009 was not a good real estate market and we wanted to purchase a home with a basement. Mid 2009 I had an idea that if real estate was down, then builders were not selling homes. My idea was to find a builder to trade my home for their home and I would pay the agreed difference.  I did not know Gabrielle at that time and spoke to another realtor that had over 30 years of experience about my idea. Her exact words were “I cannot do that and you will never find a realtor who would actually be able to do that –and if you did, they would be the greatest real estate agent ever.” Reading between the lines, she basically told me I was crazy.

December of the same year I met Gabrielle at a Christmas get-together she was hosting at our playground. We spoke for ten minutes, but I never told her of my idea. I could tell from the brief conversation that she was not the normal realtor just in it for the commission. I called her the same day a few hours later and told her of my idea. She listened, asked me a few questions and said, “Let me work on it and I will let you know.” Within one week she called me and said, “I have found builders willing to trade.”

When I started working the numbers, Gabrielle stated, “Look over the numbers and if anything makes you feel uncomfortable, I will address it with the builder. If you are still uncomfortable with the answer, do not go through with the sale.” At that point, it proved what I already knew–that she truly cares about her making her clients happy.

March 10, 2010 we had a new home that we traded for the agreed difference to pay. Gabrielle was there for us from start to finish; and even after we closed, to this day I have an still contact her with questions. She is still there for me and responds promptly even through we currently are not in the market to buy and sell.

To pull off what Gabrielle did makes me and the realtor I spoke to know without a doubt that Gabrielle is the greatest real estate agent ever. If you are looking for a real estate agent that has all the qualities–knowledge and caring–to make your buy or sale seamless with a great ending, look no further.”

“We first met Gabrielle in 2011 at a time when we were overwhelmed and frustrated with house hunting. We reached out to her on a whim; thank goodness! From that point forward, a huge burden was lifted from our shoulders. She felt like our personal advocate, educating us about all of the options in front of us while fighting to get us exactly what we wanted. Not only is she a knowledgeable and passionate agent with invaluable industry connections, she is a pleasure to work with! We have worked with her more than once, both buying and selling our homes, and we are confident SHE is the reason we closed with our sanity intact and smiles on our faces! If you haven’t used Gabrielle, you don’t know how positive the home buying and selling experiences really can be!”

“Choosing Gabrielle as our realtor was the best decision we made in the sale of our old home and the purchase of a new one. She is very professional and she really knows the entire Nashville market. Gabrielle was very honest and always gave us great advice. She is flexible and hard working and will always be on your corner fighting for you. You can’t go wrong with choosing her. We loved her and we’ll definitely choose her on the purchase of our next home.”

“Gabrielle does a wonderful job as a real estate agent. She is consistent with follow-up, attentive to details, listens to your needs, and makes you feel that her #1 goal is taking care of you! We really enjoyed having her as our agent and would highly recommend her!”

“Jenny and I have developed a trusted relationship with Gabrielle. She has represented us as both seller and buyer and we found her expertise in this market is 2nd to none. If your looking for a realtor we highly recommend Gabrielle and will be happy to discuss our experience with anyone interested.”

We used Gabrielle Dodson to sell our Brentwood home in the Spring of 2013 and could not have been more pleased with her professionalism, marketing strategy, market knowledge, accessibility, and follow-up at every stage of the sales cycle. Gabrielle’s tireless efforts to follow up with each showing allowed us to understand how our home was positioned in the market and what steps we needed to take to make our home stand out from the competition by having great photographs, an internet marketing strategy, staging, and curb appeal. If you want a real estate professional that does more than place a sign in your yard and post the listing on the Multiple Listing Service then choose Gabrielle Dodson to get the most value out of your home when it is time to place that “For Sale” sign in the yard.”

Gabrielle was an amazing realtor! She was professional, thorough and paid attention to detail. Over the course of several months she took me to see many homes and was always very happy to do so. Thanks to her attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism, I found exactly what I was looking for! She tirelessly made herself available during the entire search, purchase, and closing procedures, including while she was at her sister’s wedding in New York. I would highly recommend Gabrielle to others.”

Words cannot fully describe how much I have enjoyed and financially benefitted by working with Gabrielle Dodson.
Gabrielle has handled many real estate transactions on my behalf over the last few years between $1M and $4M. I am extremely impressed with her attention to detail, knowledge of industry trends and transactions, prompt and responsive communication, negotiation skills (she has an MBA!) and her understanding of the luxury home properties in The Governor’s Club/Brentwood/Williamson County and Nashville marketplaces.
Several of our projects have involved extensive renovations. Gabrielle has been instrumental in improving the value of homes through her expertise in interior design, floor plan modifications, “finish” selections and exterior enhancements. She is a trusted partner through every step of the buying and selling process!
Gabrielle is experienced and skilled in all areas of real estate: from inspections to staging to renovations and repairs and her network of highly-regarded and experienced contractors who can address any issue. Gabrielle becomes the “project manager” on the buy and sell side to successfully manage the financial outcome for her clients.
I highly recommend Gabrielle Dodson for any of your real estate needs or endeavors. She is the seasoned expert to call if you are looking for an agent to go above and beyond putting a sign in the yard and listing the property online. I have found that is the way many agents conduct their business, but she is very different and instead proactively markets and sells each property!
If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate Gabrielle will absolutely be an advocate for your best interests and handle every detail that brings the deal to a close!

Rob Bellenfant
Owner of 615 Ventures
Owner of Eat Well Nashville

Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood TN, Keller Williams Realtor

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